Adventures in candle making – Fanta bottle candle

So, I saw this tutorial on Youtube and the person was making Fanta bottle, Coke bottle and Sprite bottle candles.
Pretty cool.
So, I have made quite a few candle crafts. I have done wine glass candles, tea cup candles, shot glasses and beer tankards. Turned out pretty well.
Sometimes I would have to pour more wax over the original wax because big, bloody holes would appear at the surface or cracks. And I hate seeing imperfection with my candles.



This is one of my citronella tea cup candles.

So, I got hold of some white candle wax and bought a packet of wax crayons and took the oranges out.

I bought a Fanta bottle, I think I might have got one that is a bit too big because I needed a lot of wax and I think I put too much white in and not enough orange.

Fanta is very orangey and I don’t think I put enough orange into it.

Anyway, I attempted to pour the wax into the Fanta bottle and what it doesn’t show in the video tutorial is that when your pour hot wax into something plastic, it will shrink and warp.

The wax will have to be at least warm because you have to melt it down first.  So I think I might be missing something? I don’t know 🙂

Anyway this is the finished result.

It shrunk a bit at the top, but not too bad overall.



Not bad …..


Take a look on YouTube for the tutorial, there are several on there.


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