How to promote your craft business!!

Here are some tips on how to promote your craft business for free.

1. Get on social media

Get on them all! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

I personally think Facebook is one of the best social media platforms you can use. Create separate accounts on all these from your personal account, much easier.

2. Utilise Facebook

Create a page on Facebook and promote!! Join groups such as handmade crafts and your local buy and sell pages. Get your products out there.

Put on your page as well for your bio what you do, connect your pages.

There are groups as well called like for like groups. Join these to get more likes for your craft page. People will also review and like your posts, if you do the same.

(You can also pay for Facebook ads to reach a wider audience, only spend up to £8 and reach a lot of people)

3. Use a hashtag

This is good for Instagram. Create a unique hashtag and use it when you can. #zombear

4. Go to craft fairs

Take the leap and book yourself onto a local craft fair. I wouldn’t pay any more than £15 for a table but that is up to you and what target audience you want to hit.

My first craft fair I sold five Zom-Bears within two hours. I was buzzing 🙂

But I was depleted of Zom-Bears so always bring enough, you can always take it home and do another craft fair.

Make sure you adjust your prices according to the type of craft fair. After all you want to sell your products, don’t have them too pricey.


(My first craft fair)

5. Find a shop that will stock your products and not rip you off!

This is quite a good idea, just to see what happens. Me, personally I never got anything from my bears being in a shop.

6. Get in touch with like minded people

Maybe blog with them or advertise their crafts and they return the favour. Or you write up about their products and vice versa.

7. Share your knowledge

This can be through video tutorials, people love that or writing up blogs and content on your subject. People will then know you as an expert and interact with you.

8. Run competitions

Do this online and at the craft fairs.

Get peoples emails and send them details of new products. Don’t spam though because that just gets annoying. Once a month is enough.

9. Don’t get boring

Update content regularly, run competitions, talk about interesting and relevant stuff on social media, create new products and just get out there!

You will be surprised what people will like!

 Promoting your craft business takes time, a lot of time. Be prepared to invest a lot of your time into it and sometimes not see that much reward.
But your time will come, you will sell your products , it is up to you how full time you want to make your business. But it will work 🙂
Happy Crafting!!!
#zombear (lol)

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