Pet Sheet : Hissing Cockroach

Hissing cockroaches make great pets. They are cheap to buy, low maintenance and very clean. Cockroaches are very interesting creatures and given the right conditions can thrive for many years.

Housing your cockroach:
Find a decent size tank depending on how many cockroaches you have. Make sure it has a tight-fitting lid as cockroaches can climb slippy surfaces and also make sure there is enough ventilation for your roach. You can order specific insect tanks that will be great for cockroaches.
Use a bark substrate for the floor which you can get from most pet shops that stock exotic pets. You can also use peat moss or coconut coir. There are a few things you can buy for the substrate, some owners do not put anything down at all.
Give them some hiding spots in the tank. Cockroaches love to hide. A lot of owners put those cardboard egg cartons in or empty toilet rolls. You can use a small plant pot that is upside down and fish tank decorations so your cockroach has something to clamber onto and hide in.
Think about the temperature. Cockroaches do fine at room temperature, but a little extra heat would be appreciated. Heat mats are not recommended in case it burns the roach. Consider a warmer room for your roach if possible but they are hardy creatures and it is not a requirement.

Mist your cockroach’s tank with a small sprayer which you can pick up anywhere, daily. Keep their tank a bit moist and they also appreciate the water droplets which they will drink from the sides of the tank.
Provide them with food. Cockroaches will eat anything, they are omnivorous, this means they eat both fruit and meat. Cockroach’s love bananas and fish food. They will appreciate fresh veg and fruit every so often and will also eat dry dog food.Use a small little bowl or a jam jar lid as a sort of plate for their food.
For extra water, cut up a small bit of sponge and place it in a bottle lid and fill it with water. This will be enough for your cockroach and the regular misting will keep the water topped up enough.


Don’t worry too much about cleaning. Cockroaches are clean creatures and do not need to be cleaned that often. It is entirely up to the owner how often you want to clean the tank and change the substrate. If you have fresh fruit or veg in their food bowl make sure you give it a wipe.



What to feed your Roach

Roaches will eat mostly anything, but I would avoid things like meat and fish. Cockroaches take their time to eat, so it would just spoil. It is best to give your Roach softer foods like bananas, cucumbers, strawberries etc. Make sure to clean up any left over food, so as to stop flies coming in. And they love fish food!What does a Roach look like? Cockroach enjoying a banana



Male and Females

Male hissing cockroaches have two small bumps near their heads.


Cockroaches love fish food.

Don’t be alarmed if your cockroach does not eat a lot; some don’t.

Check your cockroach daily to make sure it is doing okay.

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