Kooky Creatures Pt. 1

There are so many weird and wonderful creatures out there, most have not even been discovered yet, especially in places like the ocean floor and deep in the wild jungles of our world. There is so much yet to discover about our planet. Some of it is downright scary, some are just a little bit odd.

I hope you enjoy our ‘Kooky Creatures’ posts and keep any eye out for anything weird and unusual. You just don’t know when something new may come (slithering?) along.

  1. Hammerhead slug

Which is actually a Flatworm and the largest Flatworm known as of yet. It is also one of the few that live on land and yes, it craps from its mouth. Nice. It is a predatory worm, feeding off Earthworms and is considered a pest. It is not parasitic to humans but is known to produce Tetrodotoxin.


2. Thistledown Velvet Ant

This little creature may look cute and fluffy, but can give you a nasty sting as it is actually a wasp in disguise. As if wasps couldn’t get any nastier. Even the babies are parasitic and feed off the Sand Wasp.

It mimics the seeds if the creosote bush and lives in the desert.

Males are found on flowers and have wings but the females don’t. It is the female that can give a nasty sting as a defence mechanism. They drink nectar.



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