Kooky Creatures Pt. 1

There are so many weird and wonderful creatures out there, most have not even been discovered yet, especially in places like the ocean floor and deep in the wild jungles of our world. There is so much yet to discover about our planet. Some of it is downright scary, some are just a little bit odd.

I hope you enjoy our ‘Kooky Creatures’ posts and keep any eye out for anything weird and unusual. You just don’t know when something new may come (slithering?) along.

  1. Hammerhead slug

Which is actually a Flatworm and the largest Flatworm known as of yet. It is also one of the few that live on land and yes, it craps from its mouth. Nice. It is a predatory worm, feeding off Earthworms and is considered a pest. It is not parasitic to humans but is known to produce Tetrodotoxin.


2. Thistledown Velvet Ant

This little creature may look cute and fluffy, but can give you a nasty sting as it is actually a wasp in disguise. As if wasps couldn’t get any nastier. Even the babies are parasitic and feed off the Sand Wasp.

It mimics the seeds if the creosote bush and lives in the desert.

Males are found on flowers and have wings but the females don’t. It is the female that can give a nasty sting as a defence mechanism. They drink nectar.


How to promote your craft business!!

Here are some tips on how to promote your craft business for free.

1. Get on social media

Get on them all! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

I personally think Facebook is one of the best social media platforms you can use. Create separate accounts on all these from your personal account, much easier.

2. Utilise Facebook

Create a page on Facebook and promote!! Join groups such as handmade crafts and your local buy and sell pages. Get your products out there.

Put on your page as well for your bio what you do, connect your pages.

There are groups as well called like for like groups. Join these to get more likes for your craft page. People will also review and like your posts, if you do the same.

(You can also pay for Facebook ads to reach a wider audience, only spend up to ÂŁ8 and reach a lot of people)

3. Use a hashtag

This is good for Instagram. Create a unique hashtag and use it when you can. #zombear

4. Go to craft fairs

Take the leap and book yourself onto a local craft fair. I wouldn’t pay any more than ÂŁ15 for a table but that is up to you and what target audience you want to hit.

My first craft fair I sold five Zom-Bears within two hours. I was buzzing 🙂

But I was depleted of Zom-Bears so always bring enough, you can always take it home and do another craft fair.

Make sure you adjust your prices according to the type of craft fair. After all you want to sell your products, don’t have them too pricey.


(My first craft fair)

5. Find a shop that will stock your products and not rip you off!

This is quite a good idea, just to see what happens. Me, personally I never got anything from my bears being in a shop.

6. Get in touch with like minded people

Maybe blog with them or advertise their crafts and they return the favour. Or you write up about their products and vice versa.

7. Share your knowledge

This can be through video tutorials, people love that or writing up blogs and content on your subject. People will then know you as an expert and interact with you.

8. Run competitions

Do this online and at the craft fairs.

Get peoples emails and send them details of new products. Don’t spam though because that just gets annoying. Once a month is enough.

9. Don’t get boring

Update content regularly, run competitions, talk about interesting and relevant stuff on social media, create new products and just get out there!

You will be surprised what people will like!

 Promoting your craft business takes time, a lot of time. Be prepared to invest a lot of your time into it and sometimes not see that much reward.
But your time will come, you will sell your products , it is up to you how full time you want to make your business. But it will work 🙂
Happy Crafting!!!
#zombear (lol)

Adventures in candle making – Fanta bottle candle

So, I saw this tutorial on Youtube and the person was making Fanta bottle, Coke bottle and Sprite bottle candles.
Pretty cool.
So, I have made quite a few candle crafts. I have done wine glass candles, tea cup candles, shot glasses and beer tankards. Turned out pretty well.
Sometimes I would have to pour more wax over the original wax because big, bloody holes would appear at the surface or cracks. And I hate seeing imperfection with my candles.



This is one of my citronella tea cup candles.

So, I got hold of some white candle wax and bought a packet of wax crayons and took the oranges out.

I bought a Fanta bottle, I think I might have got one that is a bit too big because I needed a lot of wax and I think I put too much white in and not enough orange.

Fanta is very orangey and I don’t think I put enough orange into it.

Anyway, I attempted to pour the wax into the Fanta bottle and what it doesn’t show in the video tutorial is that when your pour hot wax into something plastic, it will shrink and warp.

The wax will have to be at least warm because you have to melt it down first.  So I think I might be missing something? I don’t know 🙂

Anyway this is the finished result.

It shrunk a bit at the top, but not too bad overall.



Not bad …..


Take a look on YouTube for the tutorial, there are several on there.

Pet Sheet : Hissing Cockroach

Hissing cockroaches make great pets. They are cheap to buy, low maintenance and very clean. Cockroaches are very interesting creatures and given the right conditions can thrive for many years.

Housing your cockroach:
Find a decent size tank depending on how many cockroaches you have. Make sure it has a tight-fitting lid as cockroaches can climb slippy surfaces and also make sure there is enough ventilation for your roach. You can order specific insect tanks that will be great for cockroaches.
Use a bark substrate for the floor which you can get from most pet shops that stock exotic pets. You can also use peat moss or coconut coir. There are a few things you can buy for the substrate, some owners do not put anything down at all.
Give them some hiding spots in the tank. Cockroaches love to hide. A lot of owners put those cardboard egg cartons in or empty toilet rolls. You can use a small plant pot that is upside down and fish tank decorations so your cockroach has something to clamber onto and hide in.
Think about the temperature. Cockroaches do fine at room temperature, but a little extra heat would be appreciated. Heat mats are not recommended in case it burns the roach. Consider a warmer room for your roach if possible but they are hardy creatures and it is not a requirement.

Mist your cockroach’s tank with a small sprayer which you can pick up anywhere, daily. Keep their tank a bit moist and they also appreciate the water droplets which they will drink from the sides of the tank.
Provide them with food. Cockroaches will eat anything, they are omnivorous, this means they eat both fruit and meat. Cockroach’s love bananas and fish food. They will appreciate fresh veg and fruit every so often and will also eat dry dog food.Use a small little bowl or a jam jar lid as a sort of plate for their food.
For extra water, cut up a small bit of sponge and place it in a bottle lid and fill it with water. This will be enough for your cockroach and the regular misting will keep the water topped up enough.


Don’t worry too much about cleaning. Cockroaches are clean creatures and do not need to be cleaned that often. It is entirely up to the owner how often you want to clean the tank and change the substrate. If you have fresh fruit or veg in their food bowl make sure you give it a wipe.



What to feed your Roach

Roaches will eat mostly anything, but I would avoid things like meat and fish. Cockroaches take their time to eat, so it would just spoil. It is best to give your Roach softer foods like bananas, cucumbers, strawberries etc. Make sure to clean up any left over food, so as to stop flies coming in. And they love fish food!What does a Roach look like? Cockroach enjoying a banana



Male and Females

Male hissing cockroaches have two small bumps near their heads.


Cockroaches love fish food.

Don’t be alarmed if your cockroach does not eat a lot; some don’t.

Check your cockroach daily to make sure it is doing okay.

For more info check out our website:


Zowie wonders

I told my mum I will one day make a blog post of all her wonders. So, I am going to list them all here so hopefully it can give you all a good laugh and maybe food for thought haha.

Anyway, I am now going to try to remember all her little wonders.
1. Zowie was sniffing an air freshener one day, it was called fresh meadow. And she wondered how you could get a fresh meadow smell into a canister. Hmm. And then she considered all the other smells, such as fresh linen, and wondered how they got fresh linen into a can as well. Hmmm.

2. Zowie was driving one day and her mind was wondering. She wondered if animals could be gay? Hmm.

3. Zowie was wondering one day. Why is poo brown? So she researched it. And now she knows. But has probably forgotten.

4. Zowie was checking her oil levels in her car with her Dad one day. Her Dad pulled the dipstick up and checked the oil levels. Zowie wondered how to pour oil into that tiny opening. So she asked her Dad. Her Dad shook his head and walked away, so Zowie kept on wondering.

Rabbit diseases

This is a mini info-graphic for people who own rabbits and are concerned about the different diseases rabbits can get.



rabbit diseases

For more pet related information find us on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DannisPetservices/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/danni_exotics

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dannispetservices/

Ginger Snaps – Fan Fiction

If you are a fan of the Ginger Snaps Trilogy, have a read of this fan piece I did. It details the first movie and ends where Ginger Snaps Unleashed begins.

Happy reading , hope you enjoy 🙂


Me, I’m not


“Well It’s Happening

Never Planned On This

You’ve Got Something I Need

Kind Of Dangerous

And I’m Losing Control

I’m Not Used To This

What You Want From Me

I’m Not Used To This”



After Ginger died, no… I killed her, she died by my hand, my own sister. I can’t think like this, it will drive me crazy. Not that I haven’t thought about that in my feverish mind. It could all have been a hallucination, I mean werewolves, lycanthropes, they don’t exist, they can’t exist. Only in horror movies not out in the suburbs, the mind – numbing dead end town of Bailey Downs.


“Out by sixteen or dead in this scene but together forever”. Our pact. In the school just after she had killed the guidance consellor then the old janitor, she reminded me. Join me, she said, we’ll be our own little pack. But I had seen what she had become,….. a killer. But she was still my sister, what could I do? I needed to protect her from herself not to mention everybody else, but I couldn’t control her.


Pam found Trina’s severed fingers, we must have dropped them before burying her out in the shed. It was an accident, Ginger didn’t kill her but she shouldn’t have been anywhere near here. Now she’s dead, not OD’d on diet pills but slipped on spilt milk hitting the corner of the worktop. We managed to hide her body in the freezer, pretending her blood was corn syrup for our “death” photographs.


Pam had pulled up next to me in her very suburban people carrier. We were outside the greenhouse Halloween party, hosted by the local drug dealer, Sam. Ginger was in there. Pam said, You girls have done something very wrong. She had found the corpse under the floorboards in the shed, she had her fingers in a tupperware tub. The baby pink nail varnish still very clear, another reminder of how things were spiralling out of control.

We have to leave here, the three of us, Pam carries on, your Dad wouldn’t understand, they”ll blame me, they all will, we”ll blow up the house and leave.

I told her it wasn’t her fault, she nodded her head, eyes filling up with tears.


Ginger was standing above Sam, who was cradling his arm. Sam was the one who was trying to help me, I had told him I was the one who was changing. He knew a lot about biology and found what we thought was a cure, more importantly he believed. He had hit the beast that had infected Ginger.

Looked like a Lycanthrope to me, officer, he had said.

See werewolves a lot, I had asked.


The cure was actually monkshood or better known as wolfsbane. Maybe those stupid horror movies were on to something after all.

This cure was only temporary, in order for it work you had to keep injecting, the only problem is, it’s poison.


I never got a chance to give it to Ginger, she was too long gone. I tried to be like her, sitting at Sam’s side his blood everywhere, my hand painfully pulsing where I had cut it mixing blood with Ginger, but the taste of blood made me gag. She growled at me, I yelled at her that I can’t, I won’t. This angered her, she was fully changed now, an animal. She chased me into our bedroom, Ginger it’s me, I had shouted, brandishing a knife at her, but it wasn’t her anymore, she had said back at the school, You know were not even really related anymore.


She had jumped, knocking me backwards onto the bed, I didn’t realise then that the knife had gone in until warm blood trickled down my wrist. I remember lying on her, listning to her shallow breathing, then nothing. I couldn’t stay in this room any longer, photos of me and Ginger staring down at me off the wall, almost accusing, I ran out of the house tears streaming down my face.

My sister, dead. I could still feel her blood on my hand, Sam’s in my mouth. Too much blood, theres too much blood on my conscience : Ginger’s, Sam’s, Trina’s, the janitor’s and the guidance counsellors.


Now I am slowly becoming what Ginger became, but I won’t succumb to the seductions of the lycanthrope, I have seen the end result. The Monkshood is keeping the beast at bay, but not the other one. I am being stalked by another werewolf and like my own lycanthropy, it’s closing in.


I pull the blade slowly across my skin, watching the blood drip into the sink. I time how long my cuts take to heal, writing my results in a leather bound pad, there getting quicker by the day. I prepare to shoot up again. What are you doing? Ginger asks, You already dosed today, it’s poison, B. Is she a ghost or halluciantion? Is this my punishment for killing my soul mate and deserting my parents? Or maybe I’m just going crazy, projecting my guilt. I place my makeshift shank, toothbrush with a blade, in my mouth biting down hard as the monkshood hits my bloodstream. I lay on my bed shivering.


Remember that game we used to play when we were little? The one where we would hold our breath until we passed out, Ginger’s lying next to me, and you’d get scared and call Mom and I’d get into trouble. That game really sucked.


I sit up quickly, the room spins, I can feel him. Do you feel it? Ginger whispers, You’re not alone, he’s found you again. I chuck the monkshood and my pad into a rucksack, throwing on my coat. Jeremy’s at the door. The librarian from tonight. He’s saying something about the library books, looking down at them. I can’t breathe properly and collapase onto him. He half drags, half carries me to his car. He’s saying it’s going to be alright, he’s going to get help. I’m way beyond help. I sit in the passenger seat, convulsing. Jeremy comes in, I’m gonna get help, he repeats. I scream as the beast smashes Jeremy’s window in, locking it’s jaws around his neck, shaking him. I’m screaming as blood splatters my face, I’m desperatly tugging on the seatbelt, blood’s running into it, covering my hands. The wolf pulls Jeremy out of the car window, the belt comes loose, I throw myself out of the car.


I’m running down a back alley, the snow crunching under my feet, my breath catching in my throat. Blackness is starting to cloud my vision, I’m going to collapse. I feel my eyes roll back as I crash face first into the snow, I register the shock cold of the snow then I go under into oblivion…….



Can we stop?

Me, I’m not”


Nine inch nails: Me, I’m not.

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