Secret police around the world


So called ‘secret police’ forces were a force to be reckoned with and feared throughout the world.

Usually, these police forces were hired and employed by the rulers of different countries, so had no one to answer to apart from the rulers of the country itself. These were favoured by dictators and fascist countries, who relied on fear to keep their people in check and to halt any revolutions, most often brought on by severe poverty of the country. The people of the country remained in poverty whilst the countries autocracy lived in luxury. This angered many and the people would start to rebel against the rulers, leading to assassinations of the royal families.

The reason for these police forces was to protect the royal families of the different countries in tumultuous times.

Below is a list of secret police forces around the world:

Russia : The Okhrana. 

Russia and espionage go hand in hand. There have been many different secret police forces  throughout the history of Russia, such as Ivan the Terrible’s oprichniki, Nicholas I’s The Third Section and The Cheka. Many of us are familiar with the KGB but before the KGB was The Okhrana.

In the 19th century, in a tense Russia, the Okhrana began as a result of the Tsar Alexander II’s assassination by a carriage bomb by a group called the People’s Will. This was after quite a few failed assassination attempts on their part. It was Tsar Alexander III who came into power after, who started this organisation, to stop any trouble before it started. The aim of this force was to protect the royal family and Russia itself. They could infiltrate groups, go undercover and observe suspicious people as well as detaining them.

The force was a success as a lot of arrests were made, despite the forces small numbers. This did however stop the force from being a complete success as they could carry out mass arrests of other groups, but they were to small in number to stop attacks from happening. And these other groups were growing too quickly.

The Okhrana is probably responsible for thousands of deaths and exiles in Russia.


Haiti : The Tonton Macoutes

In 1959, Francois ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier, a ruthless ruler of Haiti, created a brutal paramilitary group that would report only to him and was allowed to use violence to dispose of his enemies. Papa Doc was so paranoid of the countries own regular armed forces, he let this ‘goon squad’ run wild in Haiti, murdering thousands of innocent Haitians. They would burn people alive and leave hanging bodies as a message to to others. They would extortion money from people and sent corpses to America for study for a good price. When these corpses ran low, people would be murdered to make up. America has been blamed for not intervening despite knowing about the atrocities that were being committed in Haiti.



Jobs you can do that don’t take too much effort….

I love finding jobs that pay well (ish) for little effort. Jobs you can do when your self employed or to top your income up a bit.

Now, I am not going to recommend to do bloody surveys or anything silly like that. It takes a lot of time to actually make any money and oh my, it is so boring. And you can’t just click through the questions because it will kick you out. So, no, too much effort.

I think I made £10 once on a survey website. Took me a month so…. no.

So, I love lists 🙂 , so I will list some jobs that you can do for a bit of extra cash!

  1. Amazon Flexi Driver : I am not sure if this is available everywhere but it is a good, easy and quick way to make a bit extra. You can do allocated four hour and plus shifts. You pick up your parcels at a depot and follow the pre-done route on the app which is on your phone. Get rid of all your parcels and you can go home and still get paid for full shift. Shifts are even more around Christmas time.
  2. Yodel / Hermes Courier : This is is usually a Mon-Sat job, but you can do cover for other drivers. You pick your parcels up at a designated place or even your own home, load your car up and deliver them around your area. You can choose what areas to cover.
  3. Body Shop at home / Younique / Forever Living / FM / Avon etc : Selling beauty products online and in person during parties. Some are free to join and some you pay around £50 but you get loads of products for less which you could just keep yourself. If you are good at selling and have a strong following on social media, this should be quite easy. You can also do craft fairs etc to sell more.
  4. Utility Warehouse Distributor : This is UK only for the time being. You basically give quotes to friends and family first for their household bills which are usually cheaper then what they are paying now. When they pay their bills you get paid a commission. Build a team and you get paid even more for all their customers too.
  5. Dog Walking / Pet Sitting : Advertise on different apps especially for this kind of thing. Pawshake, cat in a flat, Tailster etc. If people in your area need a walker or sitter they will contact you through the app. The app does take a percentage but most cover you insurance wise.
  6. People per hour / Fiverr : If you have skills in design, marketing, research, proof reading etc try signing up to people per hour etc and offer your services to people for a price. Do the job well, get good reviews and get more work. You need to stay active on some of these pages to keep your account open or you will have to pay to keep it.
  7. Adult Chat / Tarot card Reading : If this is your kind of thing, this is very easy to do, you can do it from home, anywhere. Simply sign up online, a brief telephone interview, create your profile and log on to receive calls. Keep them on the line and you get paid more. These lines do get very busy so if you have a spare couple of hours you can make a bit of money. You may have to commit to certain times a week which is a drawback as the times can be very early morning or late.

More to come!!

Blaze Art

Hi guys,

thought I would share some of my art work with you :p

I have always loved art, painting and drawing from an early age. I sold a few paintings and you will find quite a bit of my art work around my family and friends house (lol)

So, enjoy…




For more art, follow me on Facebook @BlazeArt

Find what you love…..

I have worked since I was sixteen, I left college (even though I did eventually go back) so my Mother told me I had to get a job and not be a bum. So, I worked in the local supermarket like many young kids do. It was a good job, well paid , always more than the national minimum and I manged to save up quite a bit. Of course , I didn’t really do much so that is probably why I saved up a lot.



It was so boring. I did eventually change my job after seven years of being there, moving up the ranks and I took a higher position right next door.  Still retail and this job was even more boring. I was stuck on the till, even though I was a manager, and just thought is this it? My family told me I was better than this (well some of them).

I had good grades, I had a triple distinction in IT or some crap like that. Studied Illustration for a bit, but hated it. I couldn’t stand people saying they didn’t like my work so,… yes, I was not cut out for that job sector. So, I quit. Looking back I feel like I quit so much. Like, I just gave up on loads of things. But I have come to realise it is a good bloody job I did. I wouldn’t be where I am now, if I didn’t.

Whilst working in retail I met the love of my life. My soon to be wife.

She flicked between crappy retail jobs until she landed a job within the construction industry designing houses. She loved it. But like all things that soon faded through various reasons.

And I was becoming more and more depressed with my own life.

So, whilst we was on holiday in Berlin, she said to me, just quit. I make enough money to support us (we were both living at my mums at the time) and you can think what you want to do. No pressure.

It was like I was waiting for her to say that without even realising it.

But it was hard. So, very hard.

I felt useless, I felt pressured, I did not know what to do. Why should I be out of work and she had to keep working full time and getting up early? So a lot of guilt.

As time went on, I fell into various things, I started dog walking through this app on Facebook which led to me starting my own pet service business which is now very popular. I started creating Zombears, which nearly sold out at a Horror Convention, we both became delivery drivers, I did a bit of gardening, sold beauty products etc. All sorts of random jobs and we made it work. We continue to make it work.

It was hard to begin with.

But now my partner has come out of work to work with me full time and grow our businesses. We have our own house, car, loads of pets, our life is good.

I fully encourage anyone who is wanting to become self employed to just do it. It is risky and you know what, no one will take you seriously. I still think many people don’t with me. But when I come home with over £200 for selling teddies and looking after peoples pets, I just smile.

At first, it was only my partner who believed in me and now she has gone down the same route. But that is all it takes, one person to help and encourage you.

And if you don’t have that, carry on anyway. They will see your success soon enough. And then they will start to be your cheerleaders. This is what happened to me.

I still have a long way to go but one thing I know, it is going to be fun and so much better than working for some other person and asking for time off. And even better my partner is going to be with me now.






How to get out of your comfort zone and live more productively


We all want more excitement in our lives but sometimes we get stuck in the same, daily routine and feel like that this is it. We become stuck in a rut. Even though we are not. It can be hard to break this mind frame though.

Below, I have compiled a list that will help you get out of your comfort zone and start living the way you want to and better, overcome your fears, whatever they may be.

I have used the internet for inspiration so you may have seen these before and I have also added a few of my own.

  1. Take a cold shower (especially in the morning)
  2. Talk to strangers, in the bar, whilst out walking wherever.
  3. Ring up an old friend or family member
  4. Go on a road trip with only a vague idea of where your going
  5. Wake up early, go for a run, walk, cycle
  6. When that alarm goes off, get up, don’t hit snooze (try moving your alarm to the other side of the room)
  7. Read instead of watching TV before you go to bed
  8. Don’t keep a TV in your bedroom, it is for sleeping not watching TV
  9. Sign up for that 5K, 10K or half marathon and get training
  10. Instead of alcohol, order juice or a soft drink at the bar
  11. Spend half an hour on social media, you don’t really need to watch that video of funniest fails
  12. Wear something different or a little bit weird
  13. Every thirty days get rid of something you no longer use
  14. Take a different route to work, your friends etc
  15. Try a new recipe, you may just like it
  16. Try something weird (like snake – take a look at How to cook Snake meat )
  17. Turn your mobile off for a few days (or limit its use)
  18. Don’t use the laptop for a few days
  19. Disconnect from the cloud
  20. Every time you complain put money into a jar, like a swear jar an use it to go travelling, try that new restaurant, buy new clothes, treat your partner etc
  21. Read a little bit of the dictionary every day, who can say they have read all of the dictionary
  22. Say yes to something you would normally say no to ( read Yes Man for inspiration)
  23. Learn something you think is pointless ( like the periodic table or the capitals of all the states)
  24. Write 10 – 20 things you enjoy doing and get doing them
  25. Create a list of things you are grateful for, refer back to it when you are feeling down
  26. Keep something near you that you find funny, a book, movie, list of jokes
  27. Write down ways you waste time, start managing them (Facebook!)
  28. Plan your day the night before and have an idea of what you want to accomplish for the week. Maybe go further and create monthly and yearly plans. Share them with friends and family
  29. Eat that fruit and more greens!
  30. Want a change of job? Ask if you can shadow people already in that sector, you may find it interesting
  31. List your greatest accomplishments
  32. Take that risk


Many people take soil for granted, but without it we would not exist.

Here  are some facts about soil:


Layers of soil

Soil has many layers, known as horizons.

The top layer, “O” is made up of organic material. It is about two inches thick and consists of decaying plants.

The “A” level is the action layer. It is also known as topsoil. It is around 5-10 inches thick and this is where the plants and organisms live and interact.

The “B” level is where the organic material, clay and iron minerals live that have been washed down from the “A” level. It is also known as the subsoil.

The “C” level is made up of large rocks that is the parent materials that the upper layers have come from.

The “R” level is made up of solid rock. This is the bedrock layer.


Soil Glossary

  • Illuviation – when material moves from layer to layer by rainwater.
  • Salinization – The salt content in soil. This is the process of increasing the salt in the soil.
  • Peat – formed when plant material does not fully decay. Quite boggy.



ZomBears are coming to Liverpool Horror Con!

So, what’s new?

As you may or may not know , I have several on going business and one of them is Danni’s Corner, which is my craft business. I have just recently upgraded, if you will, my page. New logo, new cover picture, so yes, it is looking pretty swish and professional now. And seen as I sort of specialise in Zombears, I have gone for a bit more of a darker, Halloweeny theme and it does fit in with me recently taking a bit of a plunge and booking a table at a horror convention.


Very excited to share with you all that I have decided to take a risk, pay for a table at a massive convention and share my ZomBears with Liverpool at the Liverpool Horror Con this October 7th.

Quite nervous 🙂

I have done one craft fair before at a small town near where I live and I did manage to sell nearly all of the ZomBears I brought with me. I was only there 10-2 so not bad going really.

I know people like them but it is still a nervous thing bringing your creations to a big place hoping people will like them  and buy them.

I say that but I have sold a lot of Zombears, I sell them mainly through Facebook and I have not put any of my new ones on my page because I am worried people will ask for them and I need them for Horror Con.

So, yes , there are weirdos out there like me who love zombie teddies.

I know Zombie Teddies are not an original idea (What is any more though, right?) , but I have kept mine as unique as I can, there are not two Zombears the same, and each one has a theme.

Take a look at some of my previous Zombears on Facebook;


And if anyone is coming to Liverpool Horror Con, come find me and say Hi 🙂


Some ZomBears and crafts for your viewing pleasure!!





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